Last Update: 14-APR-2018
  • Now that daylight savings time has begun here in the US (and my FTP issues are resolved), the flight schedule listing has been updated to reflect summer times.

  • *** NOTAM ***

    Noble Air AGM Meeting is scheduled for 14-APR-2018 at 16:00CDT (ie: Chicago Hub time). The meeting will be held in the Noble Board Room section on Teamspeak.

  • Did you know that the PIREP system has a feature called "Battle of the Hubs"? This is a friendly competition between all of the Noble Air hubs. The PIREP system awards points per pilot from the first day to the last day of last month (GMT time). Each flight flown, number of miles flown, etc. will award points. Different types of flights will provide more points than others. For example, "assigned" flights (ie: flights that appear on the schedule) award more points than "charter" flights. So, if a flight between two airports exists on the Noble schedule, you should try to fly one of those flights rather than creating a charter flight between the two. Also, if you file a manual PIREP for a flight on the flight schedule, please select the "Assigned" flight type when filing. This will also make sure we are earning as many points as possible. The earned points are calculated to produce hub totals and are then divided by the active pilots to produce an average per pilot. The average determines the winning Hub for the month.

  • To remain fair to the folks who fly on a regular basis, keeping the Chicago roster "in the green" is important. As such, pilots who have not flown a flight in the last 60* days will be moved to the inactive list and will not appear on the active roster. Status will be checked the last two days of the calendar month. If you were inactive at the end of the prior month and are still inactive at the end of the current month (when the check is done), you will be moved to the inactive list. I will try to send a courtesy email to you as a reminder that you are nearing a removal, but please do try to do at least one flight every 30 days.

    If you were removed from the active roster you and all of your information are still in the PIREP system. So, if you find that you are able to return to active duty it will be easy to place you back in an active status. Just send me or Mark an email that you are able to fly and would like to be re-activated.

    All it takes is one flight every 30 days to remain active. So even one short hop between O'Hare and Midway will keep you active (of course we highly encourage you to fly a whole lot more than than). However, I know that real world circumstances can sometimes make it difficult or impossible to fly even once every 30 days. If you find you are in this situation please let us know. We can put you on leave for a short period, move you to the inactive list for a set period of time, or work out some other arrangement.

  • As always if you have any comments, suggestions, concerns, or questions please feel free to contact Mark or myself via email or the forums.