Last Update: 27-OCT-2012
The Chicago hub is using the Noble Air PIREP system. This page will describe the system and how it used for your flying.

PIREP Installation

If you have not already done so, please read the Noble Air PIREP Installation and the Noble Air PIREP Manuals. These can be found at the following links:

· Noble Air PIREP Installation Manual
· Noble Air PIREP Manual

Here are some additional notes on installation of the PIREP software:
  • If you did not receive the email from me containing the link to the PIREP install files, please let me know I will resend it to you.
  • Be sure to read both of the manuals.
  • For the install itself make sure to read and follow the installation manual carefully.
  • For Vista and Windows 7 users, you should turn off UAC during the install.
  • Remember to turn off the "Pause on Task Switch" option in FS.
  • When connecting the PIREP system to an FS session... make sure FS is NOT paused!!! Otherwise you will get an error.
For those of you who run your add-on software on a separate PC using WideFS, here are some additional notes on installing on this setup.
  • Make sure flightsim is running, your flightsim directory is shared and the PC that will be running the PIREP system has full read/write access to your flightsim directory across the network. (check that you can create a directory and or file from your networked PC to your Flightsim directory - if you can't... it won't work!)

  • Make sure wideFS (server & client) are running... and connected.

  • THEN install the PIREP system on the remote system. It will check widefs for the location of your FS directory and write all the appropriate files to your flightsim directory.

Procedural Changes (from pre-PIREP):

There are a number of differences to the processes and procedures that we used for the last many years related to assigning and reporting flights. Hopefully these changes and the use of the PIREP system will make the administrative side of things a bit easier for you. I'll try to go over the high level changes that will be occurring:

  • Bidding/Reporting. One of the biggest process changes will be how we bid, assign, and report flights. You will no longer need to fill out a form on the ORD site and then have me process your bid and report. Moving forward, you will login to the PIREP system, select a flight, book an aircraft, fly the flight, and then once at your destination, report your flight with the click of a button. A real good process flow can be found in the PIREP manual that shows the book, fly, report process.

  • Flight Lines. There are no more "lines" or groups of flights. With the PIREP system, things center around indvidual flights. So you could book a flight from KORD to KDFW, fly it, and submit a PIREP. Then when you are at KDFW, you can browse the available flights departing KDFW via the departure board page or the find flight page. Then book your next flight, fly it, and submit a PIREP. Each time you submit a PIREP (ie: report the flight) your hours are automatically updated and reflected on the roster. No more waiting until Monday (or Tuesday) to see your updates. If you wanted to "simulate" an old ORD style line, such as ORD03002, you could do so by flying each flight leg individually (ie: KORD to KSNA to KORD to KALB to KORD).

  • Assigned Lines. For those who usually had lines "assigned" to them, there is also something in the PIREP system that can be used to "sort of" simulate this called "My Assignments". This page will list random flights based on criteria that you set up. You can then select a flight from here and book it.

  • Charter Flights. If you want to fly a route that does not have a scheduled flight, you can create and book a charter flight.

  • Check Flights. I know you will be heart broken, but for the time being, check flights are going away and will no longer be required.

Other Notes:

When you complete flights in the PIREP system "points" are awarded to the hub based on criteria of the filed flight. Each month there is a "battle of the hubs" to see who can get the best average points per active member. So, the more flying you do the better our hub performance. Since, non-active pilots will bring the down the hub performance, I will be quicker to place folks on "leave" status if they are not flying on a regular basis. You should fly at least one flight per month to remain active.

Another nice thing about the PIREP system is an ACARS system. With ACARS, you can see other Noble pilots that are currently flying. Be sure that you have the "ACARS" checkbox checked when flying, so that you appear on the ACARS display. Also, if you are flying online, be sure to select VATSIM in the drop down list.